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Original spare parts for your safety eyewear


We assist with your repairs so you have the right spare parts for your upgrades and replacements on face shields, safety glasses, welding screens, welding goggles. Especially when it comes to welding equipment, you can have an advantage of having a screen that is easy to supply with new cover windows or welders. If you do not have an automatic welding cartridge, it's either a new screen or a spare part from Euromaski, which produces welding windows in different shadows.

DIN 1.7 - DIN 3 - DIN 5 - DIN 7 - DIN 8 - DIN 9 - DIN 10 - DIN 11 - DIN 12 are the very popular shadows in a standardized market. We provide visors in several sizes and in interior and exterior visors.

If you are more on automated welding, we also have cartridges from Sundström, Speedglas and Optrel. If there is a special request, we may also help with it.

Hoses for all alle

We also provide new air hoses and protective clothing as well as welding gloves, if there is not only enough spare parts for welding and safety goggles. Face seals, sweat bands, cover pads for extra life-long use of your equipment.

There is nothing worse than standing with a product that requires special equipment and rare parts for maintenance. We all know it and get fast enough of inflexible solutions. We want functional and maintenance-free gear that can be fixed with standard parts adapted to a model series and not just a single model for utility items.

Spare parts for eye protection are everything from screws, fittings and shadows to complex long-life special solutions and a durable design that does not become a burden for the user. The user - you must be able to trust your item.

Therefore, you need Stennevad.