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Sitting and have difficulty keeping up, then you are definitely not alone. New things are constantly evolving, and the development is faster than ever before. Likewise, demands from the authorities and employees are higher. It is both good that there is a markedly increased focus on occupational safety and that Now is paramount. We believe that the development in some of the larger companies where work safety is now on the strategic level is the right way forward. When we guide other people like you, we also do that strategically. The correct solution is not a reactive solution here - it is a strategic long-term, proactive solution. Whether you're sitting as a buyer, safety officer or that use of the safety equipment, there will be proper information and guidance in the newsletter. You can also benefit from ours guides section where there will be ongoing guides to help you make the right, safe choice. Everything from when to use ear protection, for test of headlights, and knowledge about safety at the site of construction - in short: Here are the guides about everything about personal safety.