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Do you need safety shoes?

Safety shoes are cool and good at work at factories and other places where there is no need or requirement for safety shoes.

Okay, let's be quite honest. The era of the woods has enough peak in world history. Nevertheless, we believe in Stennevad that you still can get the best shoes from SIKA. There are not many who go in real shoes more. The bottom is simply too hard and inflexible. But with a newer flex solution from SIKA, you can safely keep using security boots or ordinary.

Depending on your needs, you can get a wooden shoe with heel hem or wooden shoe without heel hood. We know what you need when it comes to footwear. A wooden cookie is very user-friendly and time-saving because it's so easy to jump in. No laces and the like.

You just must step down

For example, if you have a lot of office space, whose safety footwear is not a requirement, but sometimes you must go to production where there are high security requirements, it may be advisable to have a pair of safety stretches. However, be aware if you need a wooden boot without heel. Here there is also a requirement for the footwear.

We do not say that the shoes cannot be the most optimal solution for you. But let's at least equip you with the best quality with our Flex models from SIKA. For many years they have refined their range of safety shoes.

You can always brush your shoes with shock absorbing soles to remind you of ergonomic shoes.

At Stennevad you can quickly find out if your feet are suitable for walking in wooden shoes. The test takes place on a tread plate that can show you how to step and stand. Where is your weight on the foot?

In addition, a perfectly adapted sole from Brynje, which can help even more comfort in your modern safety boots from a well-known Danish brand.

If you are in doubt about your footwear, call us finally and we will advise either with us or with you.