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Safety rubber boots for you who work in damp & wet environments

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Keep your feet dry

The feet must always be safe and dry at work. Therefore, use rubber boots for safety, for example, if you are a farmer or work elsewhere where the environment may be hard, wet and moist.

Keep in mind, even though you keep it wet, keep it wet. Therefore, change stockings during your workday so your feet remain dry and comfortable. We sweat enormous amounts from our feet every single day and the only way we keep our well-groomed toes is keeping them clean and dry. So, when you buy your safety rubber boots with us, we recommend looking at some shift socks for your busy day.

It is so with feet that they are sweating. And every foot sweats averaged about one and a half decades every day. This, of course, has an impact on your comfort if you are not aware of it. 

Ask yourself some basic questions before choosing rubber boots, thermal boots or rubber boots beforehand.

How do you work, the court is the environment and what requirements are there for your safety guards???

Stennevad supplies Dunlop rubber boots, which have solutions for all needs. Our best-selling model is Dunlop Purofort. An S5 PU Dunlop rubber boots. Because we know how important the trust for the safety footwear should be. There are many hours in the same boots - many hours of heat and moisture stresses of a particularly severe degree.

Knowledge of use and simple precautions can mean the difference between comfort and discomfort at work.

Stennevad equips you and colleagues with the right knowledge of your footwear and safety boot boots should be an advantage every time over a disadvantage.

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