Your hands are safe with a pair of good mounting gloves. Here you will find our selection of mounting gloves, both our own Superflex and other brands.

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Mounting gloves - your hands best friend

Mounting gloves are work gloves for you who are fitters, or have another light technical work where finger sensation is crucial during your working day. So if you need gloves for your craftsmen or your production workers - then take a look at our selection of mounting gloves. This type of glove has an extraordinary grip on both tools and items while at the same time the comfort is in the top because mounting gloves are some of the thinnest types of gloves.

You also do not compromise on working safety for you and your colleagues when choosing fitting gloves, even though they are thin, they still provide the protection your hands need. Our mounting gloves are available in many types, both of appearance and design as well as protection. It ensures that there is always a glove for your hands. Take a look at our new High Impact gloves, It has as its name also implies impact protection that is great when working in tight work situations where your hands should work close to walls and other. Here the knots are well protected against impact and shock.

Mounting gloves for touchscreens

You probably have an iphone and an ipad that you use at work. There are almost certainly other touch devices you use every day and in your work. All our smart devices have become an integral part of our working life and everyday life. We know how annoying it is to take the gloves off to use touch devices, so under the gloves, find a range of gloves that do not force you to take your gloves off whenever you want your phone.

The Superflex line by Stennevad

You will find in the Superflex line of gloves by Stennevad, a whole range of great features. You will find that the line fits really well with you and your colleagues, and for good reason, they are developed in collaboration with others like you. You are guaranteed good grip around your tool and the items you handle, even though they are a bit dirty with oil and other dirt. And of course you are also secured smartphone compatibility with all our newer models such as Superflex 2 mounting glove.