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When you need powered air

For some tasks, you need a turbo-powered respirator with motor. We have many years of experience in the sale and use of, we carry many brands, with associated filters and accessories. If you need something special - then get past us or contact us.

If you work more than three hours a day when the use of fresh air mask is required, you are forced to think turbo-powered respiratory protection. Whatever it applies to 3M Adflo, Versaflo or other equipment for Speedglas, we are your supplier.

But other well-known solutions are within reach of Stennevad.

Compact Air from Honeywell is a routine and durable device. But also, the Sundströms SR500 engine is among the top scores when the quality stamps are to be distributed.

Ask us - the experts

We are experts who can ask you the right questions, so you always end up with a bridge of use in terms of safety, comfort and price.

Here are a few things that are good to remember yourself before investing in a turbo mask, engines, filters and other accessories that turn your arm around economically. We say: "Rather be sure before the money is on the table."

Do you work over 3 hours a day with your filtering respirator?

Is there sufficient oxygen?

There must be enough oxygen present. A turbo engine sucks air through filters. Therefore, it can only work efficiently if there is enough air and oxygen in the environment. If you are going to work in closed rooms, always consider this. The consequences can be disastrous.

It may be that the only solution is fresh air respiratory protection. We can also help.

But if we are going on turbo-powered motorized fresh air solutions, start talking to customer service. If they cannot help, then we have consultants, they can go over and find their way along with you. Ultimately, it is about your and your colleagues' personal work safety. You will surely be home every time it's ready. There are those at home waiting. They must not do that in vain. Then listen to Stennevad.