Hand hygiene dispenser or so-called Plum dispenser. We help your workstation with dispensers for hand hygiene and skin care products.

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Reliable dispensers

A dispenser must be durable and reliable. These are the requirements we can all relate to. Therefore, Plum also has a complete program for all their skin care and hand hygiene products.

Whether it's wall holders for Plum Wipes or a deciduous soap dispenser. We are fully aware that high demands are placed on employee hygiene today around the Danish companies. Therefore, we only go for the very best and most clean solutions for you and your colleagues.

Plum produces and delivers a simple and timeless design without too many edges and instances where dirt can be stored. This causes cleaning of the device to remain easy and uncomplicated. Ultimately, it is about ensuring the best possible workplace and employees.

The crucial question

The crucial question is always how frequently and how thorough you are to disinfect and / or wash your hands. We make it quite simple for you. We know that Plum is Danish quality both in the dispenser area. But also, in ​​what we fill in these dispensers for hygiene products, disinfection and skin care. It will not be easier and more clinical for all of us outside hospitals and hospitals. We all must help each other to keep infections and infection rates in check. We do the best with dispenser solutions that are well thought out and simple designed for everyday use and many refills.

We are here for you

Stennevad customer service and purchases are in weekly contact with Plum about their many offerings for private and public companies, where there is a growing need for a definite hygiene focus that is modern and simple for the employee who should be able to end their shift and safely return home to the family without being afraid of dragging all sorts of crap home from work.

We save your life with certainty. It's a big deal about daily hygiene in dispensers.