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You stay warm easy and convenient with a helmet hat that fits your safety helmet

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A helmet hat that fits your safety helmet

It is important that you keep the heat in the cold of winter, otherwise the concentration will increase and thus also the safety. An ordinary hat cannot be worn properly under a safety helmet; therefore, you will find here caps that are specially designed for the purpose of being used under your helmet. A so-called helmet hat. Especially in the cold and wet months, it may be necessary to think a little out of the box when you want maximum comfort as possible during outdoor work. It often places great demands on your equipment when combining occupational safety and appropriate clothing in the form of caps and caps that must be below your working helmet.

Regardless of our needs, Stennevad is always aware of the development of personal safety. Because it means not only equipment but also protection from rain, wind and cold. And there is nothing more annoying than a cold head.

It's the way you always have a good fit if you're wearing a helmet. In addition, there are requirements for a possible helmet hat or the like. Many manufacturers, such as KASK and Peltor, make custom-designed hats for their safety helmets, which you can benefit from when the cold bites in the earlobes.

Keep a warm head in the cold

When the cold and the rain catches, there's less to lose concentration, which can result in dangerous situations for you who work. We use more energy to concentrate if the body is uncomfortable. We have an unconscious tendency to neglect our principles of safe work and traffic at work when we freeze and the body is wet.

Without the opportunity to optimize our comfort, productivity and efficiency decrease in our dalge work and chores. At worst, physical damage can be caused by frostbite or even damage caused by accidents and accidents caused by loss of concentration and lack of mental surplus.

Therefore, the right outerwear and equipment for the cold is a necessity especially at the outdoor workplace.