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A fall protection system is only as strong as its weakest joint. Therefore, all our products are of the highest quality, we carry several different types of liner and ropes as people are different and have their own preferences. When choosing fall protection equipment, it is important to consider the individual employee's needs and preferences when purchasing equipment.

We have many years of experience with lifelines for use together with other personal fall protection. Lanyards and Manyards from well-known brands like Miller and Petzl as well as Fallsafe. We can equip you with the best personal solution both economically comfortably.

In Stennevad we know the rules of use and knowledge of fall protection. Therefore, you are in safe hands when you start your work with us.

Be educated - be safe

In fact, you should at least undergo basic education and training in use and maintenance of, among other things, your support lines and fall lines. Also, get to know the difference between the products so you will not use wrong fall protection equipment for a task, which may have fatal consequences.

We work with lines, fall lines and support lines. Here are some rules of mind for the different things.

A support line EN358 must not be used as a drop-down device, but only work positioning and drop-down. This is often a rope with a kind of lock, rope brake and carabiner hooks.

Also, a line EN354 must not be used as a fall arrest only fallback unless it is fitted with a fall dampener EN355. A line is often equipped with one for the connector at the ends.

Consider the height - always

A drop line EN355 is a line with a built-in dimmer or external damper. This maximum must be 2 meters for use.

As you can see, here are some basic things to consider, but as a starting point, we would like to teach you how to handle pitfalls and product groups within the fall protection with liner and ropes. Sharp rules in ​​occupational safety are every day and personal injury in case of falls occurs almost on a daily basis. You can avoid being a part of the statistics. Call Stennevad.