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Active hearing protection improves communication

You've probably heard about the Hunting Tower, hearing protection that only dampens the sound of the shots. This is because it's active hearing protection. The principle is the same in our active ear protection, these are just made for industry, so you can dampen all the mechanical noise, etc. and still hear people speak or the truck pushes to warn you.

The irrelevant background noise is easily intelligently sorted from, so your ear protector provides you with the optimum safety you can imagine in conjunction with an ear protector that dampens the noise selectively. Not only does you get a noise-reducing hearing protection. You get a protective device that can sort in the sound's relevance. Right smart, right?

Find the best electronic hearing protection from the popular brands

Whether it's a hanger protection or hearing aids for a helmet, Stennevad, together with 3M Peltor, can find some pretty good products suitable for your needs.

With brands like Protac, Alert and Sporttac, we are quite well covered with the active hearing protection. All of these are tailored to specific audiences to meet the most possible needs in the right places. An electronic earphone brings just a little more to the pool than the traditional models.

You may be working in a production with extremely heavy machine noise, but at the same time there is a need for colleagues to communicate. Here the active ear protectors are better suited.

Use Stennevad's expertise to select the right hearing protection

With more than 50 years of experience in personal safety equipment for occupational safety, we know in Stennevad how our customers are to be serviced. They need quality served with a wealth of knowledge and know-how. Therefore, we are always ready to find the best security conditions for you and your colleagues in your workplace. There is no challenge that is the same. But we know how much work safety means and we never compromise on advice and relevant security solutions to our customers. We are always ready to save you for sure.

Then give us a call if you are challenged with noise problems at your work.