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A good tool

A floor scrub is a tool that just works and does not break, it's just what you get here with us. High quality floor scrub - for you who do not compromise on quality.

A floor scrub has been a major part of the Danish cleaning industry if we can remember. The stiff short-haired diet is ideal for laundering, scrubbing with, in combination with the floor cloth, it is a winning floor scrub.

Vikan from Denmark

We have worked in Stennevad with Danish Vikan for many years. Here they are not in doubt when the talk falls on the floor scrub. An indispensable companion for many different cleaning tasks.

A floor scrub is usually produced from wood and or plastic. What works for you and your business, you know only the best ones. But we can ask you some simple questions, should you still be in doubt about which product is best for you. The floor scrub is your cleaning bag. It helps to get stubborn dirt from floors of stone, wood, linoleum, tiles and or parquet / pergo. With the right shaft there is a small amount of dirt and dirt that can escape at all when the floor drainage is really going on.

Different uses

We have several examples of customers who have high levels of floor scrub in their logistics and production. A high level of cleanliness demands a high level of cleaning requirements, such as floor scrub, floor cloth, universal detergent and refills of all products, to get the most out of economy and functionality. In customer service, we are ready to help you and your colleagues with a solution tailored to you and your needs so that you get through the cleaning tasks with the proper floor scrub that makes things easier for you while ensuring a product that is for your use.

For us, cleaning is an important part of personal occupational safety. With due care you can safely work on a clean environment every single day. We save your life for sure.