Here you will find rainwear, safety vests and hoods and socks

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More than just clothes

Work clothes are many other things than just clothes. There is also security in the form of extra visibility on a work jacket with reflections and fluorescent colors, protection against splash or water from above. We carry the best in, for example, rainwear, but also much else. helps you all the way.

With suppliers like Lyngsøe Rainwear and JAK in the back we have the best basis for servicing you and the wearer you have for working clothes.

Stennevad does not deliver work clothes directly, but communicates to JAK, the total supplier of work clothes.

Long experience

Everything else we deliver ourselves. Rainwear, socks, hats, necklaces, knee cutters and safety vests. With more than 55 years of experience in security equipment, we fully control the needs you need every day at your work. Both Danish weather but also Danish and European security requirements can be difficult to dance with at times. Therefore, you need a partner who can provide you with rainwear that is approved and suitable for a task. It does not help you work offshore, but your rainwear is not resistant to flames. Or you work along the Danish highways, but your safety vest does not fully meet the demands of your employer.


We oversee the requirements and approvals. Therefore, we also differ in a regular yellow raincoat and and very yellow rainwear for adults. We always work according to applicable EN standards. And within visibility, it is EN20471, which is the latest and future standard. It tells how much visibility every rain jacket and yellow safety vest should be able to perform in real life.

Our brands count Buff throat for men and women. A unique way to have countless head and neck trim options in one and the same Buff Polar Buff, for example. Knee protectors are also our area like thermos socks or ski socks. We deliver to your and colleagues' needs quickly and with good advice.