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About Stennevad

Stennevad building

Stennevad is a Danish family owned company that sells personal safety equipment, work equipment and work environment products. You will find us in Esbjerg, where we have always been there since 1960. Where we started selling personal protective equipment a few years later. Today we are around 25 men and women who all fight the good fight for occupational safety. It is our mission to equip you and your colleagues and employees so that you have the necessary knowledge and equipment. Most importantly, you and your colleagues are coming home to your loved ones every day - year round.

the mortensens family owned

At Stennevad we place emphasis on being close to our customers - with fast and secure delivery. We have trained and competent staff who will be available as soon as a task is to be solved.

Niels Jacob Mortensen - Owner

Knowledge and experience

history niels stennevad - founder of stennevad

Niels Stennevad - Stennevad's founder breaking ground

We are one of the most experienced players in Denmark when it comes to personal safety. From 1960 we started selling rust paints, brushes and other to the 1970s, where we, as some of the first, started selling our own work gloves from the Far East until the 1980s where we became a leading supplier of gloves here. To today, we are constantly working to pinpoint areas of occupational safety such as new types of gloves that blend the best from several areas.

When it comes to occupational safety, we are in no doubt when we say that we save protect you at work.

Employees in Stennevad


Are you looking for an employee in Stennevad? Then click here and move on quickly. Here you can also read about each of us, find phone numbers and email addresses.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values

Here you can find the meaning of everything why we do everything we do and how. Since there is a meaning to everything - here you will find our mission, vision and values.

ISO Certified

ISO 9001:2015 Intertek

By doing business with us, you are guaranteed the same standard and high quality every single time you need personal safety equipment. Stennevad A/S is an ISO 9001: 2015 company, which is your guarantee of a serious business, driven by a strict quality management process. We never compromise on our own high standards and, as our customer, you should of course be able to rest and feel our joint cooperation. We are constantly updated on current corporate governance laws and standards, which of course means you are sure where we are. Safety, high standards and honesty are key words for us.