At Stennevad you only get the best. Also applies best sun cream that is from plum.

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The best

You know it. The sun is baking, and your nose starts to grow a bit red. It's time for sunscreen. If you go for cheap sun cream face or if you want proper Danish quality like Plum sun cream to your face, it's up to you. But in Stennevad we advise you and colleagues to spend a good deal of plum sunscreen.

It is hardly strange knowledge for most that the sun is damaging the skin if you do not protect yourself with clothes or sunscreen. When we go outside spring and summer and the sun turns on, it can be difficult to keep the outer coat on. Therefore, often bone and head are exposed to abundant amounts of sun. To avoid all the harmful of our sun, we recommend in Stennevad that you and your colleagues allies you with a sensible factor sunscreen depending on the skin type and season. Sunscreen is as much a protectionist as a work glove.

Swan labeled

Plum sun cream is documented swan-labeled quality cream in factor 15 and factor 30. The two sunscreens cover everyone so that all the harmfulness of the sun's rays is rejected before they can harm.

In Stennevad we believe in preventing assistance from counseling and correct service all the way. Therefore, you and colleagues should also think about an extra time before spending a whole working day outdoors without thinking about using a sunscreen. It can be both painful, but also deadly on the long run.

Don't take risks

Do not take that chance at all when you can dodge the sun. Sunscreen is a stone-proof solution and even more secure when it comes from Plum. Whether it's low factor or a decidedly sunblocker. We can help you all the way to end of the shift when the sun is playing with the muscles.

Contact us online or our customer service if you have special requests for protection against sun protection to prevent sunburn.

Get tanned at the right pace with Plum and Stennevad. We save your life with certainty.