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Protect your colleagues on earth against falling tools

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Fall protection for your tools

Here you will find many types of fall protection for tool protection because not only people can fall from the height. For example, losing a hammer from the 4th floor may have fatal consequences for your colleagues on earth. Therefore, beware of it with the right tool protection that ensures you can use your tool in the best possible way while ensuring the highest level of safety.

3M Selling is on the forefront when new smart ways for tool protection are to be devised. We rely on tools and tools at work. But these must remain an asset for you instead of making someone passive under you. A lost mobile or a screwdriver can be dangerous to a person who happens to be accidentally located.

Both with and without helmet. The outcome can be that together. Significant damages that may never be remedied. Worst fall with death. Lost tools are a significant security problem in the Danish workplaces.

Stennevad stands across and says NO. With the right approach, we can completely avoid falling tools. If only we think of securing our tool into our personal protective equipment, then fuse will be a natural part of our everyday lives. All tools can be safeguarded. In addition, there are also task solutions for spare parts, nails, screws and similar building materials that are also not strange to get acquainted with when they come from the eighth floor.

Fall protection for tools is called Salas program for this type of fuse. We are not in doubt. When we find out about your work and tools, you'll find a 100% safe tool environment for both your self-help and your fall protection.

You only call Stennevad is ready

We are Selling Traders and know what is often required on construction sites. The requirements will only be higher. We know the rules and regulations so that you can help in the goals of our customer service and consultants, have many years of experience in industry, offshore, construction and wholesale as well as retail.