Your fall protection equipment can do even more with the right accessories. See what we have here.

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Accessories for fall protection

Saddle extension, support belt, edge protector for edge protection of rope. When you're sure you'd like to add a little extra to your drop-down grip, then look past Stennevad. We can help you with the little extra things that make the work day and work a little easier and more secure. Because after all, it's about your personal occupational safety. We can provide that with you and your colleagues. We have many years of experience with fall protection, and therefore recognize many scenarios and issues that arise when you are during a security challenge.

Accessories for fall protection are an equally necessary part of a product like the product itself many times and we know which questions we need to ask to get you to the target at the same time as you also become wiser in the process. We know the rules for fall protection and can certainly learn a bit from us. If you have a need for equipment for a drop-down task, we'll solve it with you and our expert vendors. Petzl, Honeywell, Fallprotec, Fallsafe. We only work with the best in the area and we can never serve a solution without being sure of mutual understanding and acceptance.

Tools for your needs

Fourth-thread, stripe strip, waist for rope, edge protection, eye bolt. Desires and needs are many when the workplace is in progress with that day. Find out with your fall protection equipment with us. It should never be a hurdle to take care of its gear, although it would be easier to leave it all in the car and run the work in the height of commando style.

We help you remember the whole family coming home to the family after work. That is why we are here. We will save your life for safety. Should you perhaps have a fall protection course, of course, we also help with that part because we have the experience and you are better served with a little more knowledge about your fall protection.