Industrial work requires gloves designed for work, here you will find a variety of different industrial gloves, all of which are worth the assignment.

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Tough gloves for tough people

For those of you who work in the industry, we have the gloves that are as hard as you and your colleagues. For the many types of industrial work, we have many different gloves, ranging from pigskins to cowhide gloves with kevlar. Make a good decision today and take advantage of our years of experience in consulting and selling industrial gloves. There are guides & info on this site but if you do not find the right solution, our friendly customer service is always available at mail or phone.

What is an industrial glove?

When you see the name industrial glove, you may have a very specific glove in mind. Common for most work gloves used industrially is that they have a high abrasion resistance, most of the gloves are also leather gloves or pvc. But as it is on this page, all items are broken up by work and use, so you will find many different types of gloves used for industrial work here. So whether you are a bricklayer, paver or working at the factory so you will find the glove you need here in this category. Here too, new work gloves will come for industrial work.

As hand in a glove

It is important that your personal protection just is personal and they fit just you and your work. With a tailored safety agreement you have your personal advisor in the back completely guiding the safety for both you and your colleagues. It is also the way for you who want a discount on the goods and targeted guidance, because it requires knowledge about you and your business. A tailor-made safety agreement is a long-term collaboration for the benefit of both you, your colleagues and your employees.