Frequently asked questions

Why can not I see my prices?
In order for you to see your prices on all the items, it requires that you have logged in to your user. You log in to your user by clicking/touching the icon with the person at the top right of the page.

What is the code of my login?
Your code is secure and secret (encrypted), so we can not see it and tell you. If you have forgotten your code, you can log in - at the top of the page to the right click / touch the icon with the person, then choose forgotten code. After which you can create a new secure code, this is also the way you can change your code continuously, if you have, for example, an IT policy in your business regarding security and expiration of codes. Your login is yours. If you are therefore more to buy into your customized security agreement, you must have a login each. The same applies to termination of employees, here you must inform us so that login also ends.

Why can not I choose invoice for payment?
You can only pay with your tailored safety agreement if you are logged in. You log in by clicking / touching the icon with the person at the top right of the page.

When do I receive my goods?
Normally, we ship orders with stock items the same day if you have ordered before 13:00 on weekdays, you will receive them within 1-3 days if you have ordered goods out of stock or supplies you will be contacted for delivery. We can get the vast majority of goods home in less than a week.

When does the money withdraw from my card?
We will withdraw the money on your card when we ship your order. Please note that your bank will reserve the amount on your card - however, it will only be deducted when we ship your order.

How can I get a discount on the goods?
As an enterprise, or private with a repeated need for occupational safety, you have the opportunity to get a tailored safety agreement. You can get started with it here.

When are you open?
We are open Mon - Thurs 8-16, Fri 8-15:30, in addition you have access to our watchphone at 75 14 40 00.

How long does it take to get the item home?
Procured items have very different lead times, from a few days to several weeks. Therefore, you can contact us before ordering to be sure to have the items when you need them. However, we can get the vast majority of goods home in a week or less, especially the popular goods from eg 3M, Honeywell, Sundström and Ansell.

What is your small order fee?
You can buy free exactly what you need, therefore we have no charge. Therefore do not hesitate to order what you need, we do not think you should be punished for it.

When do I have to order for shipment same day?
If you order before 13:00, we will ship the order the same day, so in most cases you have the item delivered the day after on weekdays.

What color is hiviz?
Hiviz, hivis, hi-viz or hi-vis - Dear child has many names. The color is about what you would call lime green.

What ear protection fits the Kask helmet?
You can use all hearing protection designed for helmets as the adapter is universal and therefore will suit all of them.

What is your minimum order?
Work safety is about to be safe and to have exactly what you need. We therefore have no minimum order or minimum amount to buy. However, we have a freight border called 2800 kr (applies not for retailers - here always paid for shipping, unless otherwise agreed.) If you want the FREE shipping. This is to keep costs and prices low. On items such as work gloves and filters, etc. However, there will be minimum purchases, which are for keeping the packaging and storage and documentation rules.

Which filter should I use?
When you need a respirator, it's very important to choose the correct filter. You can read more in our future filter selection guide. We know it is not a simple task, so you always contact us in any doubt. Our customer service is always ready to help you with confidence.

What work gloves should I use?
When you want to protect your hands, there are some things to think about. Should you always wear the gloves with the highest protection? No! For example, when working with chainsaws and the like do absulet never use gloves with high cut resistance. It can make minor injuries extreme and in worst cases cost life. Under guides & knowledge, you will always find updated knowledge and guides with all aspects of occupational safety, personal protection and fall protection. If you're still in doubt, just contact your personal advisor or customer service - we are always ready to help you in your work.

Which color safety vest is best?
Whether you want to use the green or orange safety vest depends on several things. One color may be a requirement in your company and work, it can be a clear signal of work function - like the helmet color. If you can choose the color, think about your working position and the surroundings, do you stand on a construction site outside the rails - at trees / stands or by roads? There is a reason, for example, that the railway companies primarily use orange vests, and that is visibility. A green hiviz west against green surroundings does not give much visibility, the orange west, on the other hand, is very different from the surrounding area and therefore stands out.

What gloves do I need for chemistry?
It is important to choose the right gloves, especially when you are dealing with chemistry. At guides & knowledge you will find guides for choosing the right work gloves for chemistry, you can also read about vital topics. Such as when the gloves need to be replaced by your work, it is not just when fluid is penetrating.

What does it cost to use your 24-hour watchphone?
You can FREE use our hotline for emergencies, we do not believe that it should cost you extra when you are in need. We are here to help you and your colleagues, we are there when you need us. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us when you are in need of our help.

What color safety helmet is best?
The color of your safety helmet depends on your work and your task, at construction sites and in many companies, the colors of safety helmets are used to signal everything from title to task, company identity and year of use. If it's up to you to choose the color, choose something that matches your company's colors. Or better, think about where it is used - choose a color that stands out from the surroundings. It's about being seen, preferably use a hiviz helmet - they are also available with flourishing and brightening effect.