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Do you know firstaid?

Is there anyone who can first aid? Not exactly a phrase you want to say, because it would be nice if you could first aid and you were completely up to date on techniques and the right equipment for any potential emergency. In Stennevad we never say when delivering accessories to the first aid kit. We just enjoy calling you because we, with our knowledge and collaborators, can get you safe with the equipment and accessories you need.

How many times have you not looked and looked at your first aid kit and thought boy, I can’t carry the collection of patches and compresses along in that wrapping.?

Stennvad has you covered - even in emergencies

We are here for you and your colleagues so that your first aid kit is updated and stored with the very right equipment in the form of the accessories for your first aid. So, whether it's belt bags or holders and extra lids for eye rinse. We're not in the way of you when you're looking for your goal with perfect first aid access for you and colleagues at work.

Better safe than sorry

Rather safe than sorry. A proverb that is related to. Therefore, you are best served with us in Stennevad, as we save with you and your workplace about serious first aid solutions.

A collaborator you're having trouble with, so why not just make sure you get in touch with our query for accessories for your first aid setup. No one can secure 100 percent against damage, but with us you can prepare yourself 100 percent to handle most tasks related to accidents and emergencies.

Call us in customer service. We take our customers seriously and meet any requests for first aid equipment. Fast and accurate expedition belongs to the core competencies of our company. See you.