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Here you will find work lights or a work lamp that puts the work in new light

9430 RALS

Amazing work lights - avoid having to keep the van running!

DKK10,743.75 DKK8,595.00
In stock
9490 RALS

Top quality lights can be controlled via free smartphone application for iphone and android

DKK13,618.75 DKK10,895.00
In stock

With the 9420 you get your work done without tripping over wires

DKK3,618.75 DKK2,895.00
In stock
9440 RALS

With 9440, you can work out all night long

DKK16,243.75 DKK12,995.00
In stock
9480 RALS

Your perfect partner when you have a demanding job needing light

DKK10,243.75 DKK8,195.00
In stock

You can't work in darkness

You cannot work in the dark. Therefore, many craftsmen and specialists need to use work lights to make the most of their working hours. With work lighting, you have extra freedom to ensure your workflow. But therefore, you should also be sure of your lighting equipment. With light from Peli you never run out of lumen at the critical times. Easy to transport and compact to any kind of room. You always get an effective information with LED lamps from Peli and Stennevad helps and advises you to find the right solution. We deliver fast and you are guaranteed quality and durable goods.

Worklights you can count on

Your work lamp joints must be reliable, so contacting Stennevad makes sense. We help with advice and service. Because when it comes to working light joints, quality is paramount for you to do your work as well as possible. Whether it be for a work lamp or a work lamp on a tripod, there are no limits to what we can help in the field of work light. Your work lights should work, or your concentration and focus will be smoking. And when the focus is smoking, accidents happen - in the worst case of death. That's why nobody is interested. Therefore, cooperation with Stennevad is a good investment in the security of the personal kind. Our focus never fails, and for us, work light is about saving your life with certainty. Consultants and customer service are prepared with personal and relevant services so that you and colleagues can work safely in the dark and keep you free from injuries and accidents, so you can come home to the family safely after the work every single working day. With Peli in the back, we will find your next work lamp.