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Safety for all

Here are kits with bags, padlocks, cable locks, fuse heads and signs, both equipment, employees and visitors are safe.

Sometimes it's just not enough that there is a sign at any risk. People tend to ignore signs and their meaning. In the worst case, you can go beyond human life if you are not vigilant. In our constant search for even more personal occupational safety, we have identified decisive Lockout-Tagout kits that can make dangerous workstations more secure. Kits have the function of keeping other users or the like out of a act, such as handling connection and disconnection of electricity. For example, if you work on the mains, it's incredibly important that you're sure no-one can turn off the interrupted power again.

With a simple but effective padlock, you can simply deny other outside access until you finish and have removed your lockout device. In this way, many occupational accidents are avoided because of minimal costs for the greatest measurable effect.

We can help you too

We all know where these things are self-written to fill a certain security function among many. A tested and recognized security system that gives you what you need. We can assist you with advice on personal safety equipment by asking the right questions.

Together with our suppliers, customer service and consultants never have reason to fear the lack of knowledge, which benefits you and other customers on the long run. We are always expanding our knowledge of products and use, so we can help you with your challenge as best as possible. The little curl is just that we make you aware of your responsibility for the safety equipment, so you always think about occupational safety before you start a new task.

Here are kits with bags, padlocks, cable locks, fuse heads and signage, both equipment, employees and visitors are safe.