Gas Detector

Here you have the most professional approach to a similar range of gas alarms and gas detectors. Stennevad and Duotec are experts in protecting your and your colleagues' breath. And together we find out what to protect - with the right gas detector.

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Gas Alarm - Gas Detector

In Stennevad, we work with many customers who need the highest security in their profession. Therefore, always have control over the atmosphere and composition of the air you and your colleagues need to breathe and move around in. We listen to your needs and then find the most modern and effective signal solution for you and your colleagues.

A gas detector your rock-proof electronic lighthouse in situations where it is all about being 100% safe before the task begins.

We make sure your sender keeps what it promises and lives up to the rules. It must be inspected and recertified as fall protection

Get the best advice from Stennevad
At Stennevad, we are constantly evolving, which means fast and accurate customer service and advice on the use and maintenance of rescue equipment, first response and general preparedness for the disaster. With a well-functioning gas detector you increase the safety of your and colleagues' working conditions.

If in doubt, you are always welcome to call us. We save your life for sure.