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A requirement

Lifeboat is a requirement in much offshore work. That's why we also bring high-quality life jackets, good comfort. Together with well-known brands such as Viking, we find the lifejacket that suits your and your colleagues' needs. In a world where it's more and more about personal occupational safety, it's incredibly important with the right rescue equipment for the right emergency situations. A life jacket is mandatory when working on the lake with the offshore industry. Wind farms, warships, drilling rigs. There are countless sites in need of emergency rescue if the accident occurs.

Stennevad has a unique collaboration with both suppliers and customers in connection with the daycare and training of own employees as well as customers. A life jacket must be of good quality, but it must include the knowledge of use that comes with. Therefore, we must always be at the forefront of regulations, and legislation in relation to national and international shipping and offshore work. We help you on the road with knowledge of use and proper rescue equipment of the right quality.


It is about survival

Here in the north, the temperature of the seas in the seas for many months is around the freezing point, which is the basis for serious rapid cooling of a human body that is not wearing a survival suit and an appropriate life jacket with PLB and other relevant equipment for performing an effective rescue operation from land or a nearby ship that can come faster to the rescue of an in need of a landowner.

In Denmark's Offshore Capital, we are aware of what our customers require from a life jacket. The time for flamingo and cork is over. A new modern time with modern solutions for any emergency where a life jacket is in place. We save your life with certainty. Stennevad is always ready with advice and quality solutions for our customers all over the country and on the water as well. Then listen to the people of the sea.