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Rough equipment for rough environments

The offshore industry is rugged and hard, it requires stuff there too. It's hard to get out of the way and casualties happen at sea, making bows something to buy. We sell barges that are built for the purpose - they can hold everything that is needed for offshore. A stretcher is for the first response and rescue of people in difficult places. But it can also be used for longer transport of injured persons. We must always look inward when it comes to emergency preparedness. What can happen and what rescue equipment and lifeboats are needed for the most optimal rescue and transport?

First response is critical

In Stennevad we are in dialogue with you and our other customers, because first response is a crucial part of emergency preparedness. A stretcher or stretcher is intended to carry most injured persons. A basket, a spineboard, folding rack or a plain pitcher. We assist you with a correct and useful solution for you and your company regardless of size and emergency response needs. We have straps and other accessories like headrests and lifting gear for our support solutions, so all rescue scenarios can be met quickly and efficiently. In a world where time is the only simple factor, it's about being able to move out and help as quickly as possible. Therefore, the rescue equipment must also comply with the rescue mission so that unnecessary obstacles to rescue work occur.

A stretcher can have many features, so you must ask yourself some questions before you go out and invest.

Should there be lifted? Is X-ray involved? Fixing, immobilization, transport or a combination?

It is not irrelevant which stranger you end up, as it can mean a cumbersome rescue operation in an emergency. We at Stennevad can help you to the right solution because our partners are the best and most experienced in the field. Optisafe is among the heavyweights.