World-class respiratory protection and turbo air. It is Sundström. It's so easy to say when you only appreciate the best in personal safety equipment.

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    Srsafety in Sweden or Sundström in daily talk has been among the sharpest in the field of respiratory protection for industry for several years. With solutions in the field of masks and engines, they have the expertise in Sundstrøm to guide and advise briefly and precisely what you and your colleagues can and, more importantly, cannot.

    Our respiration is essential to the oxygen and body needs to function optimally and actually only to live. Therefore, it is vitally important that we have access to clean air even when we are at work. 

    Many of us take clean air for granted when we meet in the morning. But for others, they should use products from, among others, Sundström to ensure an approved flow of air for inhalation.

    Everywhere wonder the dangers of your workplace. Gases, vapors, aerosols, particles of different kinds and consistency. The right way for proper protective equipment can be twisted and unclear, which requires expert assistance. It is available at and

    Documentation, quality products and service are related when it comes to something as vital as clean air.

    Sundstrøm allows you and colleagues to get the clean air while you work.

    At the same time, with Sundstrøm, you maintain ultra-high comfort and durability because all respirators are thought through to the smallest detail. So, whether it's the Sundström SR500 turbine engine or the SR100 half mask, the philosophy is the same. It's the customer's safety, it's about every single time. So, before you just "start" a task that requires respiratory protection, turn it around with Stennevad.

    We ask the right questions, so you do not end up with a solution that will harm those who use it.

    The 3-hour rule is immediately a good example of how Denmark separates itself from Europe. If you work more than 3 with respiratory protection during the day, a turbo solution or a compressed air solution is required. Legal solutions.

    But give us a try and customer service are ready to help you.