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Innovation and approved products characterize the glove manufacturer Ansell. Stennevad is the oldest Ansell partner in Denmark. We have always been honored to cooperate with suppliers who go as much as product quality and documentation as ourselves. Therefore, for over 35 years, it has been a matter of course to do business with Ansell. Well-known models like Hyflex, Hycron, Easyflex and Alphatec not to say Solvex. These are just a few of a huge repertoire within category 2 and 3 gloves for the industry. The sensible choice of Ansell gloves is that you always get the entire package within labeling, documentation and test results.

Danish history, especially with Hycron and Solvex, speaks for itself when Ansell helped introduce chemical gloves and dipped gloves on the Danish market. So, if the price is not the lowest, then we recommend that you and colleagues try Ansell because the quality is always in the top. They know their focus area at their fingertips. There are work gloves at all when it comes to Ansell.

We are talking about the expert in chemical breakthrough times when different gloves handle the chemicals. Ansell has carried out all kinds of tests that can indicate which chemical glove you need for the most appropriate protection when you and the coolers work with hazardous substances and chemistry.

An open dialogue between the customer and us continues to ensure top quality in personal safety. Ansell backs all the way around our service and advice on glove use in both work-related challenges and not work-related situations.

If you are claiming a glove approved for EN374, look at what Stennevad and Ansell can do for your business. At best, it can help minimize expenses and sick leave. It is always about cooperation and information about the work of products and workstations. Ansell is your solution.