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  1. In Stock 80 items
AQL Value
CE Category
Gas & combi filters
  1. Yes 28 items
Spectacle strength
Glove Dipping
  1. Adhesive Vinyl
  2. Polycarbonate
  3. PVC
  4. Silicone
  5. Steel
Max Load
Particle Filters
Protective Clothing Type
  1. Type 6 5 items
  2. Type 5 5 items
  3. Type 5-B 13 items
  4. Type 4 1 item
  5. Type 4-B 13 items
  6. Type 3-B 14 items
  1. EN 358
  2. EN 361
  3. EN 388
  4. EN 420
  5. EN 812
  6. EN 813
  7. EN ISO 20345
  8. EC 96/98
  9. OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  10. ATEX Zone 1
  11. ATEX Zone 22
  12. IPX4
  13. IPX6
  14. IPX7
  15. IPX8
  16. IP54
  17. IP65
  18. IP67
  19. ISO 3864
  20. ISO 7010
  21. ISO 12402
  22. ISO 15027
  23. ETSO
  24. Nordic Swan Ecolabel
Weight Capacity
Wire Material
  1. Galvanised Steel
  2. Webbing

Good work requires good work equipment, you can get here at Stennevad. You will find everything from flashlights to signs. From reputable brands such as: Led Lenser, Petzl, Jo Safety and Peli. This is also where you find equipment for offshore.

Pixa 1

A unique way to enlighten yourself and your surrounding at work or in your spare time.

DKK300.00 DKK240.00
In stock
Pixa 2

A perfect head lamp that endures almost all working condition of today.

DKK425.00 DKK340.00
In stock
Secumar Golf Twin 275

The perfect lifejacket for offshore usage.

DKK2,743.75 DKK2,195.00
In stock
Ocean Signal PLB Mob1

Introducing the world’s smallest AIS MOB device with integrated DSC - the rescueME MOB1 from ...

DKK5,437.50 DKK4,350.00
In stock
Wound and Eyewash Spray

Can be used quickly and easily with just one hand
Safe, accurate and efficient rinsing
The ...

DKK137.50 DKK110.00
In stock
Tikka E93

The most compact and lightest flashlight in the series

DKK249.00 DKK199.20
In stock
Eyewash 200 ml

Handy bottle that will fit into your pocket or first-aid kit and tool box

DKK106.25 DKK85.00
In stock
Eyewash 500 ml

Handy bottle for your first-aid kit and tool box

DKK137.50 DKK110.00
In stock
Belt bag for eyewash

Practical bag for eyewash easy to put in the belt, work clothes, etc.

DKK83.75 DKK67.00
In stock
pH neutral 200 ml

pH Neutral will neutralise acid and base substances and provide effective protection against ...

DKK218.75 DKK175.00
In stock
Eye wash station 500 ml

Made in hard plastic for simple and quick first-aid in case of eye injury

DKK406.25 DKK325.00
In stock
Eyewash box 1000 ml

2 x 500 ml wall-mounted eyewash box made in maintenance-free material for light and quick eye ...

DKK552.50 DKK442.00
In stock

Compact solution with both 200 ml pH neutral & 500 ml eyewash

DKK598.75 DKK479.00
In stock
Single eyewash holder

Single holder for eyewash 200 ml & 500 bottles

DKK62.50 DKK50.00
In stock
Eyewash 500 ml

Eyewash 500 ml

DKK75.00 DKK60.00
In stock
Eyewash station

Eyewash station

DKK400.00 DKK320.00
In stock
DKK62.50 DKK50.00
In stock
QuickFix Water Resistant

Wall-mounted plaster dispenser with 90 water-proof plasters - especially suited for humid ...

DKK275.00 DKK220.00
In stock
QuickFix Elastic

Wall-mounted plaster dispenser with 90 elastic and comfortable textile plasters.

DKK296.25 DKK237.00
In stock
QuickFix Mini

Small-sized, practical package with 30 elastic plasters.

DKK68.75 DKK55.00
In stock
QuickFix & Rinse

The dispenser provides easy, quick and hygienic relief for minor injuries.

DKK335.00 DKK268.00
In stock
QuickSafe Complete

Wall-mounted first-aid station with a broad selection of first-aid products.

DKK1,543.75 DKK1,235.00
In stock
QuickFix Water Resistant

Keep your QuickFix plaster dispensers filled and ready for use.

DKK67.50 DKK54.00
In stock
QuickFix Elastic

Keep your QuickFix plaster dispensers filled and ready for use.

DKK78.13 DKK62.50
In stock

The work requires its equipment

When you have your work safety under control by using personal protective equipment, it is time to see if you also need work equipment. It is not just about being protected by accident, as well as preventing them, for example with proper working lights. It just does not work to stand and lay stones with the van running to use its lights for work. It is both dangerous but also uncool, good worklights is a long-term investment - lamps from eg. Peli last for many years. We carry both torches, small and large torches, light bulbs, and larger worklights from respected brands such as Led Lenser and Peli. So when you are missing a led flashlight or a flashlight, think about Stennevad. We help you and your colleagues to put your work in new light.

Time is important in first aid

In case of the working days minor and major accidents so it is important to provide first aid fast and efficiently. You can therefore find all the most popular first aid items, ranging from the first-aid kit and first aid bags purchased to more complete first aid stations, first aid dispensers and related refills. You will find an AED at a price that is almost unbelievable. It is therefore not without reason that Heartsave One is one of the most popular heartbreakers on the Danish market, contact us for a fresh AED price.

Know your sign

You will find a wide selection of Signs and labels with us in Stennevad. So whether you are missing signage to prohibition, injunction, referral, fire or warning you will find it here. We only sell best quality signs from Danish JO Safety, so you are guaranteed signs produced in Denmark according to ISO 7010 and ISO 3864 - so you are sure they are correctly understood. There is a difference between safety signs, both in terms of colors and symbols, by purchasing signs at Stennevad from JO Safety, you are always sure to get the best.