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Never be caught without eyewash

The sight is our most important sense, so it's important to be ready to deal with accidents where you or your colleagues have got something in your eyes. Eyeshadow preparedness ensures the maximum chance of getting through an accident without man. In Stennevad you will find your very right solution if it is called PLUM eye wash or Northaid eye wash. Our approach to first aid to your eyes is completely clear. You must be able to rely on product quality and the advice provided by your supplier. PLUM eyewash fluid is a well-known Danish brand. 

Along with First Aid Products and Eyewash from NorthAid, which is also the Danish brand, your solution is as close to optimal as possible. There is no doubt when it comes to first aid equipment. PLUM has know-how and documentation that can back up all their solid eyewash products. They have eyelashes, eye wash spray and some bottles of 200-500ml both regular eyewash bottles and PH neutral versions in green and blue versions, respectively. Ask us for more info.

Importance of timing

About the first aid in the field of eye damage, it is all about rinsing. Rather than for a short time, rinse the eye with eyeshadow on spray and bottle. It's about constant rinse flow and time duration.

The lid and cap on all our eyelash bottles are designed to help with a smooth brushing of a damaged eye. Simply follow the instructions on a bottle, so the rinsing process takes place as effectively as possible. In the end, it is about minimizing any eye damage, so that the injured person does not get lasting but can go beyond the quality of life in relation to everyday life and needs.

Contact customer service at Stennevad and we can help you and your workforce to ensure that eye care is taken when you need to review your first-aid kit and other first-response gear that will buy you time compared to further treatment of hospital and emergency room.