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For small & large accidents

Here are first aid kits, first aid bags and first aid boxes of all sizes - for the small and larger accidents that occur at work. Common to all of them is that they have approved first aid equipment by themselves, it is your safety for first aid equipment that works every time.

Look like this on the cases. A first aid kit is almost permanent fixtures at all companies, offices and in all homes. In case of minor injuries of different types, there must be quick access to first aid in some form of committee depending on the current need for first aid kit and first aid kit.

Buy quality first aid

Over several years, our NorthAid collaborators have specialized in providing consumers and diverse insiders with durable solutions in first aid boxes. Buy first aid kit content as refill or fix products to suit your needs for your family or workplace. Many companies have a first-aid kit, where first aid kit, lymphatic patches, eye wash and cardiac arrest can be found readily available to all or most employees.

A junction box can be the small thing that makes an emergency more manageable. If so, it's because of elastic patches or wound napkins. The great flexibility of Stennevad and NorthAid products helps to give you and colleagues the best starting point when it comes to being prepared if an accident occurs. 


Our first aid industrial boxes are available in 3 different sizes, depending on the size and type of business you are. Compact to the small workshop. Complete for production that can put pressure on a first aid situation. Corporate is the very big solution of first aid funds for large companies with many employees and a lot of risks in the everyday lives of many employees.

We identify and select in cooperation with you the first aid kit that is right for you. We save your life for sure.