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Plasters for everyday use

Everyone may need patches for the minor accidents that happen often. Here you will find a good selection of quality plastics with and without glue. The so-called glue-free patches adhere to your body with your body heat. The immediate reaction when stabbing or cutting yourself by hand or finger is to get some patch on in a hurry. It's really a great idea. We ensure that you are in the goal of quality connectors in plastics and wound care. NorthAid and PLUM have tailor-made standard solutions that comply with legislation and quality. Comfort lymphatic plastics for you who need tight-sealed foam plasters that are water resistant while the patch is seated under any work glove, how tight it may be on your hand. We have solutions in beige and blue with and without latex. It is even possible to have a dispenser for the patch solution.

Traditional approach

The more traditional approach with strips and textile patch is of course also an option, as it is still recognized and popular in many first aid out and about on the Danish labor market. Although these products are of course not rocket science, do not worry if you just have some simple things in mind. Materials and adhesives. Also a small thing, but still very important. Danish marking and text on the package. That says the rules actually.

Modern solutions

Whether it's elastic patches, glue-free plastics with a plastic dispenser, there are both solutions like PLUM Quickfix elastic, Aescuplast Mix and liquid patch spray as something new. Plasterkasetter and scissors for patches are also available on our website, where we are trying to streamline a range of first aid products hendvenvder for professionals in industries such as offshore wind energy, industry and building and construction.

With a top-down customer service set up by the phones and SafeHouse to help you and your colleagues, we are more than ready to equip you all with real first aid and knowledge.