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Keep your firstaid stocked

It is important to ensure that your first aid kit, first aid bags and first aid kit are filled with approved first aid equipment such as patches, dressings, masks, etc. So, you are ready for quick first aid in case of accident at work.

When did you last look in your first aid kit? It might be a good thing just to get done, because many first aid products are equipped with an expiration date. How is the mark elsewhere on your first aid kit?

Rules for firstaid

In Stennevad we have rules on first aid products and refills for this. The labeling must be adhered to and the lifetime should also be followed as a minimum. It does not always happen. But we can help each other so you do not have to think much about your refill equipment for first aid. For our NorthAid products, we have complete refill solutions for our first aid funds.

Denmark at the front

Also, Danish PLUM provides a safe response to the refill area, so you and colleagues never need to have patches, first aid kit and dressings. With many years of experience in first aid and care, PLUM puts itself at the forefront of a Danish branded flagship, guiding documentation, legislation and labeling of swan-labeled products that meet the highest standard of first aid and first aid products in all kinds of emergencies involves personal injury of some kind.

Be sure to get the right and approved refill for your needs every single time. Create the dialogue with Stennevad, where we in customer service can quickly get you tracked of the right refills and products that can be the crucial difference in a tense emergency.

We will save your life safely when you listen to our advice and knowledge in first aid bags and another rescue equipment. It's about getting you back home to the family when it's ready to go. It's true every day, otherwise there's nothing that matters. Not even a refill.