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Here you will find first aid stations & dispensers

Eye wash station 500 ml

Made in hard plastic for simple and quick first-aid in case of eye injury

DKK406.25 DKK325.00
In stock
Eyewash box 1000 ml

2 x 500 ml wall-mounted eyewash box made in maintenance-free material for light and quick eye ...

DKK552.50 DKK442.00
In stock

Compact solution with both 200 ml pH neutral & 500 ml eyewash

DKK598.75 DKK479.00
In stock
Eyewash station

Eyewash station

DKK400.00 DKK320.00
In stock
QuickFix Water Resistant

Wall-mounted plaster dispenser with 90 water-proof plasters - especially suited for humid ...

DKK275.00 DKK220.00
In stock
QuickFix Elastic

Wall-mounted plaster dispenser with 90 elastic and comfortable textile plasters.

DKK296.25 DKK237.00
In stock
QuickFix & Rinse

The dispenser provides easy, quick and hygienic relief for minor injuries.

DKK335.00 DKK268.00
In stock
QuickSafe Complete

Wall-mounted first-aid station with a broad selection of first-aid products.

DKK1,543.75 DKK1,235.00
In stock
CombiPlum Steel

The dispenser for 1 l is made for both soap, lotion and disinfection products.

DKK200.00 DKK160.00
In stock
Pumpe for 3 l can

Hygienic and practical pump for 3 liter dunk

DKK297.50 DKK238.00
In stock
MP2000 Module 1

Flexible dispenser system designed with aluminium rear and solid smoke-loured, polycarbonate ...

DKK587.50 DKK470.00
In stock
MP2000 Module 2

Flexible dispenser system designed with aluminium rear and solid smoke-loured, polycarbonate ...

DKK781.25 DKK625.00
In stock
Box for eyewash

Box for eyewash

DKK180.00 DKK144.00
In stock
Eyewash board

Eyewash board

DKK171.88 DKK137.50
In stock

Easy access

Give your colleagues easy access to first aid with a dispenser and first aid station. Then you are ready for all possible accidents, emergencies, and current contingency requirements.

In Stennevad we always work to develop our products and knowledge about legislation and product use so that we constantly follow the trend. Of course, this also applies to an area like the complete solution within first aid kit and first aid to the workplace. We know how important it is with first-aid equipment of the right type if you need to be prepared for the unthinkable. There we can go in and ask you the right questions, so you and your colleagues will certainly come across a goal with, for example, plastic dispenser in the form of products from Danish brands such as NorthAid and PLUM.

Tailored for your staff

A decidedly first-aid station in a workplace can, as a rule, be tailored to the number of employees, types of potential injuries and a factor such as the frequency of the injuries. These are some of the aspects that you should consider when buying items such as sore wipes, quickfix elastic or cardiac arrests for your station. It can of course also be that you are in a wall-mounted solution like PLUM quicksafe or one of NorthAids many first aid boxes. Whatever dispenser the need, we'll take the ball up and get you and the coolers to the destination with the right dispenser or just the right first aid station.

Even when you are almost completely free from the unfortunate accidents and injuries at the workplace, we would like to help prepare you for most scenes from skin scratch to cardiac arrest, so you'll never lack defibrillators, ice bags, elastic bands and aloe blankets. It's not a question of how more. It's only a matter of what's right for you when we speak first-aid kit to professionals who demand the security that will make you and your colleagues safely home to the fyraft.

Call us at Stennevad. We save your life with certainty.