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Accessories for lamps

Here are all accessories for lamps, such as traffic cones and other special equipment that give a lamp several purposes and possible work tasks.

Once and for all, we'll get it all the way. Lighting technology today is sublime and can always be modified and adjusted with the right accessories. Led Lenser Traffic Wand is just one of several accessory products that help to rebuild an already unique product with very superb luminous properties.

A cornerstone of society

With the society we are leading today lighting is a cornerstone for everything to work as optimally as possible. In Stennevad we take the task extremely seriously because poor lighting and accessories can lead to accidents and injuries. There is no interested in being exposed to.

Stennevad has participated for many years as a serious player in the work equipment and personal safety equipment market because it is always important to be on the bus and keep up to date with new trends and developments in an area of ​​occupational safety.

Why not build on accessories for light that make your equipment even more compatible for the tasks you face in everyday life. One challenge after another is broken with the right light and equipment inside for accessories for your work light.

Avoid unnecessary accidents

There are countless cases of occupational accidents that could be avoided with better lighting because the concentration has been focused on looking instead of performing the task accurately and safely all the way.

Our approach to the right equipment for you and your colleagues is dialogue and counseling. In this way, we are sure that we will save your life with certainty. In Stennevad, customer service is ready with the right questions for your need for accessories for work lights of all kinds. Our experience tells us that working with the customer provides the best relationship and the best results for you as a customer.

We are with you all the way - even in the dark.