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For all purposes

Stennevad sells several kinds of flashlights, including the police lamp P7, which is very popular. When you need to enter a place where there is scarce or no lighting, we can safely recommend one of our tail lights. Led Lenser is a leading brand in compact and personal lighting. Stennevad can advise and guide in use and choice of the correct equipment. The flashlight that suits you is safe with us. Rechargeable flashlight, super powerful flashlight or a common hand light. The range is perfect, and we are always open to the development of flashlights.

Easy orientation

We must be able to orient ourselves effectively in the dark. There is also no time to power the flashlight in the middle of an important task. The purpose of lighting in our work life is simple. Without light, we cannot see one of these. Therefore, we are always looking for stronger, more compact and durable torches. Our Coast and Led Lenser powerful led torches are the epitome of quality and product safety. We believe that the technology and the future development of new models in both low-cost torch joints, but also more special products for highly demanding work tasks require a stern lamp.

Get home to your family

The only rule for your work safety is. We will make sure that you come home to your family after work. We save your life with certainty because Stennevad is occupational safety based on quality products followed by knowledge and advice. We are your added security to carry out your task with the right light that gives the right light. For us there are no shortcuts.

A flashlight with heavy light is often the solution to problems with dark areas of work. Therefore buy your flashlight at Stennevad today.