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Hands free work

For all the tasks where you need your hands free. And when its pitch dark, headlamps can be the solution for craftsmen and specialists who rely on having both hands for a task. Flashlights are gaining increasing importance in the country's workplaces. And combined with modern LED technology, building lighting becomes a matter of course to many when working. With just a few grams on your head or on the safety helmet you are always assisted by high and efficient lighting no matter how dark you are working.

The best brands

With flashlight providers like Coast, Petzl and Led Lenser, we completely cover all customers' needs when it comes to finding light bulbs, headlamps or headlamps rechargeable. Get a headlamp offer you cannot refuse, before we collaborate with people who know what it's all about when it comes to Led Work light to the head.

Get your Petzl head lamp offer at Stennevad and we guarantee you service, know-how and quality products like Petzl tikka or a Led Lenser h7 2 or the Coastal Lamp that stays max.


Avoid accidents

Led Lenser seo 5 is also an extremely popular and in the category best of light bulbs. We always strive to provide you and your colleagues with the best service, because it is about personal work safety. With the right headlight, you ensure the right working conditions, so you can concentrate and avoid dangerous situations that can lead to accidents. Accidents that could ultimately cost human lives. We save your life with certainty and make sure you can come safely home to the family after work. It's about lumen and mobility when you need a lamp. It must sit lightly on the head and light enough and for a long time. Today, the technology is so well-developed that we can give you whatever you require within headlights.