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Here you will find lockout & tagout equipment

Lockout Tagout Kit

Lockout Tagout for professionals. Lock hooks and safety locks for extra work safety.

DKK686.25 DKK549.00
In stock
Scissor Lock/Lock Hook

Lock your things up and stay out of trouble.

DKK113.13 DKK90.50
In stock

Prevent access

When you need to secure power cabinets and other dangerous things against unwanted access, lockout & tagout equipment are the right choice. With baggage locks, padlocks, cable locks, fuse heads and signage, both equipment and employees as well as visitors are safe.

How can you be sure when you work with strong current? We have a solution for you because it's not worth working with dangerous tasks unless you know with one hundred percent of the security that you are guaranteed for your work safety. A simple and ingenious system, both secure, personal and easy, is Logout Tagout. We in Stennevad also consider this part to be personal protective equipment that is increasingly common in Danish workplaces. Therefore, we have taken the consequence and found a well-tested system that can be used in many different industries for the work of the world.

If you are a fitter and need to work in and work with the power supply, then your safety is that the power remains turned off as long as you work on your task. With a personal lock you can quickly unlock so it's only you who can access the power switch. You never trust yourself more than anyone else.

Trust your gear & yourself

A prerequisite for working safely with electricity and other dangerous tasks is to trust yourself and your personal safety.

In other words, this solution can be the one you and your colleagues are missing from your work with electrical work. We at Stennevad Customer Service can easily and promptly assist you with a specific request and you can also be assisted by our consultants who meet many different issues in everyday life where there is a need for personal safety.

Lockout & tagout equipment is the right choice for safeguards and other dangerous things against unwanted access. With baggage locks, padlocks, cable locks, fuse heads and signage, both equipment and employees as well as visitors are safe.