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Here you will find special survival suits for the hard life offshore

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Harsh invironments

Survival suits for use in harsh environments such as the offshore industry where there are high security requirements - land, water and air. Survival equipment and rescue equipment is a very large and important part of the working day on a drilling rig or in a wind farm. There is no doubt that weather and wind as well as above all climate can be a huge challenge especially at the northern latitudes. There are extreme requirements for you who work, but also for the equipment that can ultimately be the difference between life and death. Falling in the bench in January means it means certain death without quick help in the form of survival suit or rescue in general.

Avoid cooling

Avoid quick cooling and optimize your chances of being saved with the best in survival suits. Danish Viking are long-standing experts in marine rescue of one or more people. They know about someone how the right survival equipment should look. A survival suit gives you an extra chance if you are unlucky to end up in the waves. There has been a huge development in the field of personal safety equipment for life-threatening situations such as overboard problems.

In touch

In Stennevad we constantly strive to have the best contact with what is the most used and reliable safety equipment on the market in offshore rescue suits and survival. We consult with customers as well as suppliers, so we can continuously develop and update our knowledge and know-how about survival suits and other rescue equipment for offshore, wind, shipping and similar industries.

We are always ready to find a useful solution for you and colleagues when you reach us. It's about saving lives in the end, so people can come home to their families after shifting. Therefore, we consider it our duty to provide quality and advice on the products with the highest precision and honesty. We save your life for sure.