Your safety shoes are your friend and Lavoro from Portugal ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the day. 

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    We will never ever touch when the conversation falls on safety shoes and boots. For several years we have had a lot of experience and information from the field around the use and maintenance of the durability of safety shoes. Of course, we have taken this into consideration when we were to find a serious collaborative partner in safety footwear. Lavoro has proven to meet all our requirements and a little more with regard to product development, models and services in general.

    At Lavoro, you should be able to get a trendy shoe that suits your working conditions and user.

    Therefore, it is always important to clarify some simple questions so that we can help you with the best and most appropriate solution when you have an approved safety shoe for a whole working day. Proper use, ventilation and fit are important focus areas that require dialogue with you and your colleagues, because the road is the only one if you should be in your shoes all day long. Here's some advice from Stennevad and Lavoro to help you get in the right direction when choosing proper footwear.

    How is the surface, I'll go and stand? Asphalt, Gravel, Concrete, Carpet, Wet, Dry, Toxic, Inside or Out?

    It is not as much in relation to the shoe durability.

    So even if you've set yourself up with a cool cool safety boot, you just must take it easy, think about it if it can hold all the extreme work conditions you're exposed to.

    Lavoro and Stennevad guarantee you the perfect fit every time.And your good advice for use and maintenance is that your safety shoes can solve their task for UG so that you and your business are both satisfied because of the highest comfort and reasonable low footwear costs. If it's not labeled, they're crucial to you, so look at Lavoro's many solutions. They know what you need. Come by or call if you want to try economical quality from top shelf. We help you all the way.