You cannot speak quality rainwear without saying Lyngsøe Rainwear. The industry's favorite rainwear here at Stennevad.

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    Lyngsøe has the quality of hard work outdoors when the weather does not show off its most generous side. Rainwear is a must if you and your colleagues spend most or most of your working hours outside. We know in Stennevad how important it is with the right attire, so it does not go beyond comfort, concentration and efficiency. That's why your work and Lyngsøe hang out with knowledge about the use of the right rainwear. We help you with raincoat watercolor printing rainwear and values, as well as different tricks for you and colleagues when you need to keep your focus through a full day of working rain.

    Our partnership with Lyngsøe Rainwear is based on dialogue and product knowledge so you always feel safe when talking rainwear with customer service or one of our consultants.

    Rainwear men, women, unisex. We can do everything for your needs. Of course, we also have rainwear big sizes. Even during various campaigns, we can also run with real sensible rainwear offers. We also manage breathable rainwear, but just keep in mind that your clothes are often used to ensure dry and warm comfort.

    Lyngsøe is Danish rainwear, work rainwear for professionals like you seals and your partner who will never go down on equipment by cutting corners of here and here. In Stennevad the line is ready. Good quality and advice is your security, so you can do your job in the very best way. With Lyngsøe you will be happy when it's raining because the rainwear is just as good as you need and demand.

    We all know the feeling of cold and wet clothes because the outerwear is worn or too bad for work. We will certainly feel that feeling away from and together with Lyngsøe Rainwear, taking a big step towards optimal comfort throughout your workday because it ultimately also helps keep your personal safety at ease.