Danish Plum is your guarantee of some of the very best in hygiene and skin care products. Plum helps all industries and private with soaps and creams of the highest quality.

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You do not need the world's brands in skin care products when you must provide you with soap and cream for you and your colleagues. You can get it all from Plum and more. Plum here for several years has proven itself as a solid guarantee for products with quality and documentation in the top. Regardless of which care product or first aid product you choose to buy from Plum, you can be 100% sure that all documents and certifications as well as test results can be found easily and seamlessly at Stennevad and Plum have for many years worked closely with advising and distributing Plum products to Danish industry and business.

We know how important hygiene is in our modern society. With all the knowledge about infectious dangers and dirt at all, it is about having effective solutions to the personal cleaning area.

History has shown us how important a thing like hand hygiene is. A tangible evidence comes back from hundreds of years ago, when you began to wash your hands between the supervision of each patient. This meant that mortality fell markedly due to improved hygiene.

Of course, there are such teachings we enjoy every day when we can hold dangerous diseases and infections the rod.

Especially about food handling, whether it be for professionals or consumers. Hand hygiene is supervised. They know that in Plum, where their mild, effective and swan-labeled range helps kitchens, restaurants, canteens and hospitals at a much lower risk of infection in hand hygiene.

Do yourself and your colleagues a favor and call Stennevad Customer Service. We will quickly and easily provide you with all the right soaps and creams for the hand basins in your workplace. We save your life for sure.