Construction site safety

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You are closest to yourself. Most of us recognize that phrase well. Connected to the workplace, the sentence can be equally relevant or not. As humans, we have an innate ability to worry and take care of others than ourselves. We'll forget it repeatedly when it comes to the very low practical things. We act before we think through a situation. In the worst case, lack of security on site can cost human life. The needs for personal safety are many and as diverse as day and night.

If you are not alert and awake, dangers are present everywhere at the construction site. To keep accidents and injuries to a minimum, you as a worker, a project manager, and a professional are ready and willing to ensure work safety through knowledge of using the right personal safety equipment.

An overview

Here you can see an overview of some of the many things you should have in mind when working.

Start following the signage of the safety requirements. What orders are there? It is usually the blue signs. Are there any other signs? Warnings (yellow), Prohibition (red) or Referrals (green). Orientation is a key element in your further pursuit of personal occupational safety.

Required equipment

Equipment should at least consist of:

Safety footwear that has been approved and tested for use in the right working environment. Don’t choose the "leisure" shoe with the extra soft sole when you walk and work on sand and concrete all day. Nor without extra front rubber, if you work a lot on your knees.

Suitable workwear with or without hi viz function. In many places there are high demands on visibility. Here you can meet the rules with both clothing and safety equipment in visible colors.

Approved work gloves that protect your hands against wear and damage. Enjoy your favorite glove model from Stennevad. We recommend any Category 2 glove that fits your work day.

A safety helmet for protection against impact and fallout. The EN397 standard is on all approved helmets for construction.

Earphone for use in case of noise along with safety goggles if you have cutting, grinding or face impact challenged work.

This is of course a quick list of things that you should at least control. After all, it's your life, it's all about. But if you are faced by more special challenges, we'll always be available to you and your colleagues in Stennevad.