Do you feel lucky?

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So many times the greater is the chance of being involved in an accident than winning in Lotto.

It is about your quality of life at the fyraft. That's why we say to you that you do not have to gamble with your job security.

Do you think about your safety when you leave home in the morning? In a busy weekday it may be good sometimes to stop and get an overview. Especially on any working day, where it should always go fast and tasks must be resolved efficiently. We can all easily come to forget ourselves in the process and thus completely without compromising our lives, fitness and everyday life. Every year, over 40000 people are injured in their work due to accidents that could be avoided with a little timely care many times.

Do you know, for example, what rules apply if you need to climb the rise in working hours? Or might you really wonder when to use a mask while working? For more than 50 years, we at Stennevad have specialized in delivering the right solutions based on cooperation and real communication with our customers. We believe in Stennevad is the only correct approach to increasing your and your colleagues' personal safety at work.

Responsibility is not only important to your work, it is also important at home with family and friends. An accident at work can mean big changes for your entire life, so why not do anything to eradicate the small coincidences.

We help you predict the unpredictable, so you can come home and play with the kids, practice sports, volunteer or immerse yourself in other interests and responsibilities that matter to you as your work. A sick leave is not only angry with your workplace. It is at least as exciting for yourself and your surroundings.

Bet on Stennevad. We are your trusted partner all the way.