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Warmex is the future of welder's clothes

For hundreds of years, skinny leather and welding clothing have been part of the industrial worker's equipment at work. And by using these protective devices we have been able to protect ourselves from heat and glow as well. With the right spare parts and accessories comes our fine leather goods. We can renew your belt's lifetime if you need straps and buckles for aprons and jackets for welding. The right attire gives you an advantage over the long run, as you can concentrate on your work rather than your clothing.

In Stennevad your access to our accessories is easy and unobstructed. We understand how important your working day is for you and your colleagues. You must all be able to trust your equipment and its accessories without any doubts.

When it comes to clothing accessories, such as welding equipment or the like, please do not hesitate. The concern is just not bad for the long run.

When you finally sit and work well with your craft wearing a skinny skin, you should be able to access the accessories easily and painlessly, if the old buckles and straps say goodbye before the rest of the equipment does the same.

Comfortable welder's clothing for your work

In the old days, repairs were more frequent than today, where we are more likely to use and throw away. There is not the same love and protection against a precious and durable material with an almost unique job function. In Stennevad, we acknowledge that you are still a group in our country, bearing older traditions, and finding spare parts and accessories for your work and projects. Work that requires high protection against heat, flames or ourselves.

Contact our customer service if you have any doubts about personal safety and welding requirements, we will never compromise on our advice and service.