Here you will find items for first aid and first aid equipment such as patches, cardiac arrestors and eye wash etc.

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Quick first aid

When the accident has occurred, it is important that the first aid takes place quickly, so you will find a varied selection of first aid kit, boxes and bags. You can also buy patches, dressings as well as refills separately. An important part of any workplace is that you can quickly find the right help if the accident should be out. First aid often places demands on the company in the form of products that must live up to the first response if an employee is injured.

In Stennevad we put quality and labeling first, which for first aid and first aid means that you as a customer are sure that the legislation is followed, and your first aid products meet all market requirements.

Danish quality brands

Our Danish brands are the concept of quality. So, with NorthAid and PLUM in the back we can manage all first aid queries and various first aid products such as patches, dressings and first aid boxes. Our longstanding cooperation with customers nationally and internationally has given us a unique insight into different needs for first aid.

Approved firstaid

Believe it or not, there are rules for connectors, patches and other first aid. How is the label and the language? Is the material the most appropriate for a help situation? Latex or latex free? Outside or indoor cardiac arrest?

You deserve only the very best for you and your colleagues when choosing a bond box. It may be Stennevad standard content selected from general needs. But if there are more special products in a first aid kit and first aid kit, we will work with our experienced suppliers to find a reasonable solution for you.

Our consultants are for the customer and it is you. You call them or customer service and before you find out, first aid is provided to you. Do not waste bad, what?