The synonym for quality and durability in fixed-install fall protection can be nothing but Fallprotec.

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    Over the past 10 years, Fallprotec has become a serious contender on the world market in the field of firmly installed fall protection systems. In Stennevad we, as a Scandinavian partner, have been in Fallprotec's development all the way. It emerges from a solid partnership where we share our experiences and solutions so that we constantly participate in the demands of our customers. When we speak fall protection, there are many rules to be followed and followed before, following a process of designing and installing fall protection, for example on the roof of a building.

    Here, Stennevad and Fallprotec prides itself on being fully updated by every single assignment. With systems like Fallprotec Securope and Fallprotec Securail we have already reached a long way regarding flexibility both within system configuration, but also within the price frames. Our fitters are experienced people who are not afraid to say the truth to the task. They do things by the book every time and it is the only way for Stennevad and Fallprotec. Our project department is weekly in dialogue with Fallprotec to customize custom and standard solutions to Danish requirements for assembly and design of fall protection systems.

    And there are many things we help you and colleagues to decide on from our many questions to surroundings and roof types.

    Here are some of the things:

    Which roofing material? How thick insulation? Skylights? Access? Roof on the roof?

    We'll be coming all the way if we're going to give you the best solution for just your building with the needs that come up with everyday life.

    A fall risk must always be taken seriously, because the consequences of just a small fall can be irreversible or even deadly. Therefore, let Fallprotec and Stennevad help you with a sensible fall protection solution. We save your life for sure.