Coronavirus or Covid-19 has changed the everyday life of the world

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Coronavirus or Covid-19 has changed the everyday life of the world

Stennevad hjælper dig og kollegerne med at tilpasse jer til den nye situation, der kræver værnemidler og ekstra omtanke.

Her kan I finde engangs- værnemidler til lige netop de krav, som I skal opfylde igen og igen. Om det er offentlig transport, restaurationer, butikker, uddannelsesinstitutioner eller hoteller. Stennevad kan med vejledning og mange års erfaring inden for beskyttelsesudstyr skubbe vores kunder i den rigtige retning, så I får den rette og mest hensigtsmæssige løsning. En løsning, der tilgodeser jer, så I får en arbejdsdag med værnemidler i stedet for en dag imod dem. 

Since the beginning of 2020, Denmark and the world have been under attack. The virus threat is upon us all and in order to keep society running we all need to live by new and more or less permanent guidelines daily. We need to redefine concepts such as "social contact", "normal hygiene" and "human distance". On this page, you will find protective equipment that meets the guidelines set up by the authorities. You can be sure that bandages, face shields, mouth visors, hand sanitizers and the like are allowed to be used when it is here on our website.

In many places, young people and adults must wear visors that cover at least the nose and mouth or bandages. It places increased demands on quality and security of supply. Stennevad works hard to be able to supply everyone with a quantity need.

Due to Coronavirus, we are currently experiencing a tremendous demand for certain products. It causes our inventory to shrink very quickly. We can therefore not say exactly about delivery times or stock.

We therefore ask you to contact customer service or a Sales Manager for further information and price. Or if there are special queries then it is easy to call 7514 4000

Thank you for your understanding.