With an automated external defibrillator AED, you are ready for first aid for a cardiac arrest

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    Higher survival chance

    People with cardiac arrest have a much higher chance of survival if there is a cardiac arrest present. Therefore, optimize the safety for you and your colleagues with first aid training and an approved cardiac arrest.

    There is never any doubt when talking about lifesaving first aid. It's about buying time and it's about doing it fast. It is best done with life-saving first aid in the form of artificial respiration and cardiac massage. If there is also a cardiac arrest, then the chances of the injured person will increase to recover significantly. Quick access to an AED also called cardiac arrest is often a huge asset in a central place where many people are living. 

    It may be a business, a sports hall or, for example, a meeting house. It increases the possibility of effective first aid on cardiac arrest if a cardiac arrest is available always of the day.

    Quality & service

    In Stennevad we get quality and delivery security when it comes to heart starter accessories like cardiac arrestors, electrodes and batteries. With Primedic Heartsave, you are in safe hands if you want a heartbreaker who requires nothing but a watchful eye repeatedly. German quality, to have new electrodes and battery occasionally. Otherwise, it fits without the need for horsetails, this is superfluous with the right product and advice.


    We provide and advise on the Heartsave ONE and Heartsave PAD models that meet the public needs of easily accessible and quick-use defibrillators in an appropriate storage cabinet with or without heat and alarm.

    Our philosophy is simple. Heart-lung rescue is good. But without a cardiac arrest you cannot get a person with a cardiac arrest again. Therefore, it is also our policy that the more cardiac arrestors available are the better survival chances for people with cardiac arrest.

    Your questions about first aid at cardiac arrest are never redundant or stupid. We answer them all without hesitation. We save your life with certainty.